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Whether you are looking to utilize more than the "auto" function of your camera, or if you are looking to fine tune your editing style, these are the educational resources that you need!

From easy to use "cheat sheets" to 1:1 on location coaching. Contact me for a customizable option!


Whether you have a spot for one of my photos, or want help in creating your own!

cheat sheet

Cheat Sheets

Bring these easy to use with you wherever you go!

Easy to use on your phone and always with you, or print them out and keep them in your bag.



Looking for more information on a certain subject? Have a tricky edit, or curious about something complex like astro-photography?

Photo workshop


Are you curious how I am able to capture these types of photos? Contact me to find out more about workshops and 1:1 coaching opportunities!


Contact Steve

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